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SPS Frags

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I have a lot of SPS that need to be trimmed back. Also have a full frag rack. Home all day Saturday call or text for a quick response 989-992-0911. Pic available upon request.

ORA Red planet
Garf Bonsai
Green and Orange Digi
Blue Stag
Purple Nana
ORA Green Birdsnest
Pink Birdsnest
Green Milli

$20 a frag
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bump for awesome stuff

Once again Justin has awesome stuff and one of the best looking tanks in the area.

I am returning to the hobby and went to see MSUDiver for some Frags...Great guy and his tank is very nice!!!

Thanks for the great Frags!!!!
Thanks for the frags today.

All polyped out n happy.
Justin has an amazing tank!! Sells awesome frags! Thanks again
I am available all day tomorrow if anyone is looking for any SPS. Please call or text 989-992-0911. Pics upon request.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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