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I just starting building my stand out of 2x6 and 2x4 for my 100 gallon tank.
The tank is 60" long and the center has roughly 1/16" gap.Does the acrylic tanks flex and bow over time it is used?The tank is 1/4" thick,should I get a sheet of plywood for the top to take out the slop in the stand?

Let me know what you guys think...
First time building a stand a setting a acrylic tank.



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A piece of somewhat soft supporting material can be laid over your horizontal ledgers, (whether they're the 2x4's (or) 2x6's) to fill the slight variation(s) you're seeing in the length.
But I'll tell you, 1/16" bow in 6 feet of length, is pretty good for "framing" lumber !

I've used high density styrofoam for compensating for a possible gap like you're describing, myself.
I bought a sheet of it at Lowes'. Then cut it with a nice sharp razor blade to fit.
It has a "crush" factor that ends up allowing the tank to self-level, somewhat.

For me, it was just used as a safety bonus under my refugium, placed on a
basement laundry room countertop.

But I've seen other posters say they used styro under their main display tank.

Also, acrylic tanks are not "raised-bottomed" like glass tanks, right?
Otherwise shimming just could be done where needed.

Could also lay plywood OVER the styro...then tank sits on both..
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