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sucess w/ turbo snail on the fight for hair algae?

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I think im just going to skip getting the nudibranchs, because every single person replied with saying they died. So im think i will try some turbos instead. Have you guys had a least some success with these guys, like a noticable amount of hair algae that is gone after you have placed them in there? Any other suggestions on critters, or techniques? Thanks everyone for the replies on the nudi's you saved me the trouble of dropping some money down the drain.
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I bought some stuff from Oceans and Seas call Marine S.A.T. It is non-chemical, 100% live bacterial. I used it and in a couple weeks it did make a big difference. Didn't get rid of it all, but I used a Turkey Baster to take some of it out, my snails finished the rest off. Give it a try, it isn't expensive at all. Good luck )
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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