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sump / fuge questions?

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I guess the first question is, do I really need to ryun a fuge on a 100g fish and softies tank with a 1-2" sand bed? If the answer is yes then check out my plans below. What Im thinking of is a 33x13.5x13 sump and a 16x14x13 fuge. The fuge would have 2- 1" bulkheads draining into the return section of the sump. Im just not sure if this is an optimal setup or not?

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Looks good-just put a ball valve on the inlet to the fuge so you can limit the flow there and leave the 2 drains into the sump. Make sure to put some type of screen over the drains so that larger critters/algea dont plug the drains or get into the sump. The 2 drains would be safer than 1 in case the flow is reduced or cut off on 1 from algea etc...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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