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sump / fuge questions?

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I guess the first question is, do I really need to ryun a fuge on a 100g fish and softies tank with a 1-2" sand bed? If the answer is yes then check out my plans below. What Im thinking of is a 33x13.5x13 sump and a 16x14x13 fuge. The fuge would have 2- 1" bulkheads draining into the return section of the sump. Im just not sure if this is an optimal setup or not?

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Simple enough to add a ball valve before the fuge. If I do it after the "t" it shouldnt really affect flow to the sump, right? I think the 2 drain are safer than 1, besides the ball valve would be used to control the flow.; Are 1" blukheads the correct size?

Would there be some way to "cover" the drain area to prevent blockage without restricting flow? Like an acrylic "box" with teeth like an overflow? But then how would pods get into the return chamber to get pushed into the display tank?

My only other concern would be building a "fail-safe" into the system.....
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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