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Hello Everyone Yes another Newbie

1st. I have a 45gal FOWLR for now. I would like to build a sump/refugim for my tank. But I don't know how big to make it.
Also it has to be big enough for overflow (you all know how we all loose power in michigan)
I have been to allot a sites. The best site I have been to is (www.melevsreef.com click on his 55gal sump/refugim).
Thats the one i want to build but to a size for my tank. Any designs and or detailed drawings would be cool. Something for me to at least start from.

2nd. If anyone who knows who sell acryilc sheets 4x8 1/4" thick.
Locally would be great. the only place I have found so far is the glass ranch in belleville for $166.00 (too much for me)
and a shop that sells Weld-on #4 and #16.

If anyone could help great
Thanx: Craig Ö¿Ö

(I am not going to use the 2 15gal
tanks under the stand have other uses for the and building bew wooding stand also)
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Hello & Welcome to MR.

If anyone who knows who sell acryilc sheets 4x8 1/4" thick.
Take a look at this thread called Need acrylic and live around Detroit?

Hope that helps.

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