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Sweeet SPS Pack

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Reefers, I have a sps pack for sale.

SPS Pack - $175

0.5inch + ora pearl berry
2.0+ inch blue digi
1.0 inch+ ORA frogskin
0.5 inch undatta montipora
0.5inch+ wayne rainbow acro
1.5 inch Highliter green milli
2 inch - Sunset Milli

All frags are ready for pick up.

I dont have pics of the frags. But here are the colonies/mini colonies

ORA Pearlberry

Sunset Milli

Wayne Rainbow Acro ( one the left of palmers milli)

ORA Frogskin ( sorry not a great picture)

Undata Montipora - on the tile
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Sent you a PM!
It was nice meeting you Ryan.

Bump for a new sps pack.
Bump for another refreshing pack. I will add pics of red planet and highlighter green milli tonight.
Bump for a sweet sps pack.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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