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T-5 -- AquaC skimmer -- Frag Tank

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36" 6 bulb T-5 Tek fixture. Bought last August. The Ati bulbs have about 6mo's on them. The Giesemann's are about a yr old. Bought seperate hanging kit.
Ati Aquablue Special
Ati Blue +
Giesemann Pure Actinic
Ati Blue +
Giesemann Actinic +
Ati Aquablue Special



mounthardware SL-710120 Premium Aquatics

AquaC EV-150. No pump. Bought from reefer here for $120. Thought I had a pump for it and didn't. Grabbed another skimmer in a trade so this one is available for $100. Has a repaired crack in neck. Doesn't effect performance. Will need a Mag 7 or 9.

AquaC EV150 Skimmer w/rio2500 Pump AquaC

Have a frag tank I no longer need. 48 x 12.5 x 12.5. Not drilled. Have it on a stained wood stand and canopy. $50. Can send pics if interested.

Thanks for looking

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The tank is glass.

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Had a few requests for pics of the tank and stand..Roscoe, your box is full.

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Tank and stand sold...
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