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T5 HO refugium light turns off by itself

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Anyone know about troubleshooting T5s?

It's a 36" current nova extreme 2 lamp fixture. Between 4 and 5 years ago I replaced the ballast to a new Phillips Advance ICN-2S54-T electronic. I believe bulbs are about that same age.

When I turn the light on both bulbs light up but then the light turns itself off after about 2 seconds. I've tried probably 50 times and the results seem identical each time.

This leads me to think that there might be some sort of protection mode in the ballast? I would think that if a component were bad that either the lights wouldn't come on at all or at least they would turn off at varying intervals. Mine turn off each time after about 2 seconds.

Any thoughts?

Also does anyone have any old or out of spectrum white/actinic lamps they would be willing to let me use to test the ballast? I'm in Sterling Heights.

I've considered just going LED - but since this is only a refugium light I just want something that turns on reliably.

Ballast spec sheet (doesn't mention anything about a protection mode): https://a89b8e4143ca50438f09-7c1706...riginal/advance-icn2s54t-specs.pdf?1440204063
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sounds like a connection issue - likely oxidation. I'd first try removing the bulbs and burnish the pins with very fine sand paper/emery cloth. the contacts inside the endcaps too.
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