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tank and stand

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I am posting this sale for a friend it is a

tank and stand $200

75g tank drilled with a glassholes.com over flow kit i think 1200 gph and returns back painted blue

the stand is a 50" by 24" by 32" tall custom built by me for this tank very sturdy and square stand also has a removable center leg in the front for easy sump removal and install

tank purchased brand new 6 months ago and still in like new condition no scratches or damage of any kind

reason for selling is upgrade bug bit early and went to a 120g tank

output3 by marcp31, on Flickr

output2 by marcp31, on Flickr

output by marcp31, on Flickr
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Oh yea there is a fluval 36" light also for sale asking 175 for that only 4 months of use works like new

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Thanks for bump
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Price beeing changed to make offer he realy wants it out
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