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Nearly Full setup up for sale, only items missing to setup a SPS, LPS, very nice capable tank would be adding a sump, skimmer, and water salt rock livestock etc. ALL PRICES OBO.

Items have been in storage for approx 3 years, may need just a rinse or coraline removed, but were in good working condition when last used.

I planned on setting the tank up after a house sale and moving into a larger place, but the budget and time constraints just haven't let me do it.

36x18x24 Reef tank https://www.aqueon.com/products/aquariums/reef-ready-aquariums 65 Gal Rectangle. Dual adjustable outlets for return line. Excellent shape, Does have some coraline still attached after shut down, one minor scratch that disappears when filled with water, only noticed during water changes. -$160 P.S-Purchased directly from Pruess Pets, One Owner Tank

Tek Light, T5 HO 6 Lamp, bulbs exact age not known but i believe to be still good and obviously Saltwater specific for coral growth, and heavy blues for dawn/dusk and florescent coral appeal. Comes with Adjustable legs, clear acrylic bulb shield, reflectors in good shape. Worked great for this setup, was able to grow many sps and LPS without major heat- $160

Danner Supreme Aqua-Mag 9.5 Water Pump and extra large intake filter-$55

SongLong SL-381 4w 300L/Hr- $5

Red Led Suction cup light (Good for viewing after main light hours with out disturbing inhabitants)- $3

Aquaclear 50 powerhead 270gph with hanging bracket - $20

handheld plastic scraper @ clear plastic perforated transfer bucket- free with purchase

Plastic Mesh approx 4 in wide, unknown length-free with purchase

Magfloat Scrape version and Large Replacement Scraper (1)- $30

hydor koralia 2- $20

Aqueon Adjustable Pro Heater 200w- $10

Tom Aquarium AquaLifter Pump- $17

Tetra Whisper 10-30 Air Pump ( Includes bonus 1"Airstone, Gang Valve for airline tubing)- $7

Rio Plus 2500 HP Aqua Pump, 782 GPH- $32

Hydor Smart Level Controller, Automatic Top Off, ATO- $40

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Square Bin Storage Container without Lid, 28-Gallon, Gray (Only ever used with RODI water) No lid included, but can be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/Rubbermaid-Square-Container-Without-Gallons/dp/B00002NC3P?th=1 . very solid/sturdy - $25

Rubbermaid Brute twist on/off Dolly- $25

Rubbermaid Brute 32 Gal. Gray Round Can with Lid * only ever used to mix ro/di and saltwater to prep for water changes- $25

The Filter Guys RO/DI unit Ocean wave 5 stage, filters look good, would recommend new Resin and a filter wrench, unless you have a large Wrench :D- $90

Total Cost- $724.00, Will sell complete for 600.00

Make an offer, Call or text 989-280-9617

Tyler Darland


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