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I have 2 20 long tanks both in great shape back is painted black 20 bucks for both

a 23 gallon customade by gla dimesions are 24x18x12 standard tank not drilled. Back is painted black 30 bucks. SOLD

36 inch 4 bulb t5 with adjustable legs (currently on a 20 long) has timer built in for both channels and the 3 moon lights all can be set separately. Comes with 3 month old ati bulbs 2 blue plus 1 coral plus 1 actinic
This is in great condition 50 bucks

Also have a 24 inch 4 bulb t5 same thing as above with 4 month old ati bulbs 2 blue plus 1 actinic 1 purple plus this does not have legs on it 40 bucks

I have a 100 gpd rodi system portable type that can be folded up only 6 months old comes with pressure gauge that's already hooked up. 50 bucks SOLD

I have some misc heaters as well I am looking to get rid of all my extra stuff .....SOLD

For any pictures or quicker response please text 586 604 4146

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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