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Tanks for Sale

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205 Tank for Sale

205 XWide by Great Lakes Aquariums
Custom coast-to-coast overflow added, with drilling for a "BeanAnimal" overflow.
2 additional holes in the back for return flow.
Starfire/Ultra-Clear Front Pane.
Asking $375.

Let me know, someone should be putting fish in this!
Photos For Sale pictures by cyonar - Photobucket

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Do you have any pic's of the corner tank?
Tanks available. Check out the photos.
Drop in price on both.
giving it another bump, had some interest but no commitment.
bump for the weekend - someone jump on these!
36 corner sold, price reductions all around.
Bump for the weekend; 120 pending.
120 sold, and removed from thread.

Price reductions. Make me an offer. Pics of 205g were added to the linked gallery.
Price drops again...
Make me an offer!
Tanks still available.
Additional price drop on 205.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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