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tassle filefish

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i was wondering if anyone has or has ever had one of these fish. my husband wants one really bad and i can't seem to find a whole lot of info online about it. he's wanting to put it in a 90gl which i have read will be fine, my question is is that there is a yellow tang in there already and i don't know if the two are going to be compatable? any ideas or info would be great. thanks, gini
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thanks for the info... that's what i was kinda thinking.. everything i've read says that file fish are peaceful and passive and that tang can be pretty nippy
thanks, Kaye, for the info. i have really fallen for that fish so i'm glad i researched it the best i could first. i swear i go to mothers reef weekly to see hers.... i guess i will wait till we turn our 150gl over to saltwater and base the fish load around a tassle as i don't see how i'm gonna get the tang out of my other tank without disturbing everything. your info really helped though. how long have you had yours?

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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