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TETRA has really messed up this time.

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I don't know if many of you are on reef central but there is a hudge thread about what Tetra did on CBS early show. They setup a 5 gal saltwater tank and put 1 blue tang, 2 clownfish, 2 seahorses, and 1 brittle star in this tank all at once. Never mentioned salt heating or anything about the care of these animals. Read the tread on reef central there is also a link to the clip of this show. It made me sick to watch it.


link to the thead

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Alex could you post a link to the video clip. I am on page 11 and still have not found it.

If people start going to "FIND NEMO" in the LFS and then kill him because they are not educated on care requirments...... The Stupid Media and TETRA!
I have a copy of the video if anyone wants it. It is a Movie Clip and it is about 21 Megs. I think the total running time of the clip is about 4 min.
I followed the thread for a while (it's just to huge now!). I can't f-in' believe someone could do something so irresponsible on tv like that!
I can...it's called the "almighty dollar" and corporate America will do anything at all to get more. So what if the public is mis-informed or lead astray...."stupid people should have done their own research"...that's what they'll say. And then sell you MORE things to do it right the SECOND time.
similar talk at RDO heres the link http//reefs.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=32643
I have emailed tetra and CBS about their unrealistic guide to the set up and care of a marine tank.
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