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Thanks to Tropicorium

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Would like to give a shout out to Tropicorium. Thanks Joe for the help and the wonderful Yasha Goby pair.Also some Great corals,Ie: Acan,Chalice,Blasto,and a few more . Love the place. Thanks,Mark
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+1 for tropicorium and Joe! He has been our go to guy and hasn't steered us wrong yet! Ray is also great to talk to when he's there and a wealth of knowledge!

Great inventory as far as animals, always something new to learn and above all, great bunch to deal with over the long haul.

Over the years I have learned to purchase my fish and most animals from from only two places: tropicorium is my number one by farand over 90% of my successful life is from them. It also helps for records that on their receipts, it has the date, and every individual item you purchased, so you know exactly how long you've had an animal, the quantity of say rock, etc, and the ratios! These things I judge other vendors/shops by.

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I have been going to Tropicorium since the mid 90's.Been to alot of otherplaces over the years and all I can say is .....no LFS that I have been to compares to what Tropicorium has to offer!
I just wish their hours allowed me to make a trip there without having to take a day off of work. I've been wanting to go there forever. They sound awesome.
Hey everyone, was out at Tropicorium today have alot of great corals, fish and frags.
Picked up 3 new great colored fish. The guys at the shop were great in helping me find the right fish species for my tank setup. Thumbs up Trop.
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