Some frags of frags I got that either broke off or I needed less of. Also duplicates, etc. Reasons aside, looking to sell or trade for higher end SPS/Zoa/Paly's.

Happy to make a package deal too, just lmk. If you message me, please post on the thread first. The order posted on the thread will be the order I will place everyone as I usually get multiple requests for the same pieces lol

1. Kyrptonite Zoa colony, more than 25 heads: $30
2. Favia (I'm not sure specific name): $10
3. Kryptonite Zoa frag, 4 heads: $10
4. Utter Chaos Paly frag, 4 heads: $20
5. Snitches Zoa frag, 2 heads: $10
6. Playboy Bunny Zoa, 4 heads: $15
7. King Midas Zoas, ~18 heads: $20
8. Purple People Eater Zoa, 3 heads (just popped it on a plug so still opening, picture of the others I have included for reference. These seem to be a little smaller though): $15
9. Wild Aussie Blasto, 3 full heads, at least 1 baby: $20
10. Neon Green Nepthea, about 3" in height, numerous branches. Looks like a flowing acropora: $10

Some of the corals are a little angry, my sons cat jumped INTO the tank last night and knocked over my frag rack and some rocks. I'll have a couple frags of Rainbow Poccillipora here soon once the broke pieces heal -_- Needless to say office door is closed at nights now...

I'm heading down to the Detroit area on Friday, if you are in that area and want to meet me near the route I'm taking that's more than acceptable.