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Thinking of switching to Metal Halide need some advice.

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Right now my 40 Breeder has a 6 bulb retro fit built into the canopy but the bulbs are not the greatest and they were bought used with the kit. So I was going to spend cash on 6 quality T5 HO bulbs but for the money I think I can get a MH retro kit and try my hand at Metal Halide.

Heat shouldnt be an issue because my tank is down in my basement and has a hard time right now keeping 78 with 400 watts of heater.

So need some advice on maybe wattage to be used and if I will need two fixtures or just one over 36" x 18" x 16".

Also if someone has suggestions on a nice reflector I should use or any other hardware I should look into when building it.

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Just get new bulbs, ati's would be night and day.
Yeah im on the edge right now on what to do...

I am running a 2 bulb T5 over my 10 gallon with ATI bulbs and it does look good but kind of want the shimmer over the larger tank and everyone I've met locally has metal halides and there tanks look great with that type of lighting.
I really like the look of MH with T5 supplementation becasue of the shimmer. A 40 breeder is shallow enough that you could get buy with two 150 watt or 175 watt bulbs
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