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This way for a sale

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Atlantis sale

Today I was on a Quest to find a Copperband Butterfly fish. I stopped in at Atlantis Fish Shoppe In Clawson after talking with Dean the owner he informed me that Sat Oct 16th & Sun Oct 17th he's having a Big Sale !
30% off corals/mushrooms 25% off fish/inverts and
20% off dry goods. Yellow tangs $16 bucks. Maybe song should see if he wants to be a sponsor ???
And no I did'nt find a copperband I'm still looking
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Must say, that for the last year or so I've been reefing, Atlantis has been my family's "official fish store..."

Dean has always gone the extra mile - from service to pricing, incredibly tolerant of my kids, remembers my tank setup, etc. He takes a "no b.s." approach to service - "sure, you can buy that - if you want it to die in a week" or "yeah, you'll love that fish - and I'll be happy cause it's gonna eat your corals and you'll be back for more!" You never leave feeling like you've not gotten good info or made a mistake...

He was even the one who told me about the new store in Farmington Hills... (I moved over to this side of town in August, and he's not that close anymore)

His store and animals are among the best - in terms of price and quality. He, and Todd, are two of the nicest "fish store guys" we've met... My wife even likes to visit him and the store (that's saying something...).

14 Mile, just East of Crooks on the N. side of 14 in Clawson.

My favorite store in Metro Detroit...
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