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This way for a sale

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Atlantis sale

Today I was on a Quest to find a Copperband Butterfly fish. I stopped in at Atlantis Fish Shoppe In Clawson after talking with Dean the owner he informed me that Sat Oct 16th & Sun Oct 17th he's having a Big Sale !
30% off corals/mushrooms 25% off fish/inverts and
20% off dry goods. Yellow tangs $16 bucks. Maybe song should see if he wants to be a sponsor ???
And no I did'nt find a copperband I'm still looking
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Just got home from Atlantis and would like to say that Dean is a class act. The store closed at 7 but he stayed late to help me and another customer that was still looking when I was leaving. The store has come a long way and both he and his staff are very cordial and knowledgeable. His prices seem to be just right and he is willing to go the extra mile to help a customer!

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