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Moving and downgrading to a much simpler setup, wont be needing the following equipment. Everything is used and taken well care of unless noted otherwise. Please text me at 73four-629-2073 if interested and I can send pictures, I do not check here often. Not interested in any trades with the exception of a radion xr15 g5.

Kamoer X1 Pro WiFi Dosing Pump $60 - Retails $89.99

24" ATI Sunpower t5 fixture. All ballasts work and comes with ati bulbs + additional geissman bulbs. The fan doesnt work however I replaced it and runs off of a different power source. Has some holes drilled in the front as I mounted an orphek led to it. $65- Retails for $499.99

24" orphek OR3 Blue Plus LED light bar $110- Retails for $160

Apex EL controller. Includes everything it would normally come with $400 Retails $500

BRS dual reactor no tubing included. $15

Red sea blue bucket 175 gallon bucket about 1/5 left + reef crystals around 1/3 left. $10

Hanna ULR Phosphorous Checker $30

Hanna Alk checker $30

10 Liter All-For-Reef kit. Made one batch. Made one batch so it still has 9 batches left. $65 Retails $112

Aqua max 1.5L dosing container. Used this for All-For-Reef. $20 Retails $40

Milwaukee MA887 digital salinity refractometer. Very faint rusting on the sides of it(not noticeable) but works 100% as it should and always has been reliable. I will include calibration fluid for free. $80 Retails $125

KH Guardian with AIM module. Automatic alk tester that has been reliable and always accurate. Comes with AIM module that can be connected to APEX and you can view your alk readings directly on your apex fusion dashboard. $300

ICP lab analysis test (2 pack) $20

MP-10 WQD Mobius Ready. Comes with anemone guard and it still runs silent. For an additional $15 I will include a DIY battery backup I made for it that can keep it running for 24 hours in the event of a power outage. $200 retails for $300.

660GPG pump. Works great for things like water changes because it ***** water from the bottom. Used it 3 times with RODI water. $10 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082MGGSPB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Salifert Nitrate + Magnesium + Calcium Test kits. Nitrate used under 10 times. Magnesium used 3 times and calcium used once. $30 for all three

29 Gallon Biocube with stand, pump, and heater. Does not include a hood. Pretty dirty because the back wall is covered in corraline, glass has some scratches. $50

BRS GFO1 pound. Half left. $5

inTank biocube media basket includes water diverter but I had to cut it to fit the needs for my tank. $25 retails $55

Zen Reef shroom box $25 each (have 2) both have corraline on them.

Ocean box GLO frag rack like new condition. $25

BAO Rise frag rack 30 plug size, has the silicon inserts so frags dont move around. $35 retails for $57 https://buildinganobsession.com/shop/rise-magnet-frag-racks
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