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Premium Aquatics is back at it, half way through the month of January, to open this Saturday 1/18/2020 to the public! We sure have had a busy start already this year in the warehouse, and it surely is no different in the livestock showroom. This week we have gone all out and brought in new Australian corals, wild caught fish, inverts and aquacultured fish and gobies for all to enjoy. If you are looking for a super cool coral to impress your reef...now is the time to stop in! We hope to see you this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm!

HOT New Arrivals
Flame Angels back in stock!!
Blood Shrimp
Powder Brown Tang
Tomini Tang
Kole Tang
Railway Glider Sleeper Goby - Really Cool!!
Hooded Flame Wrasse
Black Leopard Wrasse
Blue Gudgeon Goby
Coral Beauties $20 this Saturday ONLY
McCosker Flasher Wrasse
Greensided Jawfish - Very Uncommon Find!
Sailfin Tangs - Sale, $15 this Saturday ONLY
Marble Red Fromia
Orange Ridged Starfish
Pincushion Urchins

Corals Galore
Premium Aquatics went all out this week. We got in some amazing Aussie Colonies and corals for you all to enjoy. Brain corals, Aussie Elegance corals, Aussie doughnuts, Aussie euphyllia, chalices and so much more.

Aqua-cultured Culture
Help make less of an impact on the environment and the oceans by purchasing aqua-cultured fish! Be a part of the culture!

Designer Clownfish Galore came in!! Snowflakes, Fancy Long Fins, Black Clowns, Platinum Clowns, Black snowflakes and this list goes on and on until the break of dawn! We brought in some really cool blennies as well - all aquacultured!! You have got to come and check us out this weekend. We are packed to the gills!
Premium is stocked with LOTS of euphyllia right now! Wall hammers, wall frogspawn, orange wall hammer, torch corals, branching hammers and more. This is a great time to pick up a great sized showpiece at a great price.

We sure hope to see you this Saturday for some great deals on livestock and our dry goods. There are some steals on the metal rack in the livestock room...hurry in!

Click HERE for price and availability list.*
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