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Top of the line equipment

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It is garage sale time. I have a bunch of equipment to sell for a friend who is leaving the hobby. It all works, I have cleaned and tested every piece. PM's only, I work a lot, but can meet people most anytime. Thank you for looking!

ETSS 1400 Skimmer. This is a commercial unit rated for 700 gallons. It is huge! I will sell it for $150.00 (that is an amazing deal for this). $300 if you want the pump. The pump is a Blueline 55HD.

2 Reefflo Dart Pumps. $200 each

Iwaki 70 RLT Pump $200

2 Galaxy Electronic switchable ballasts 250 watt-400watt and 400 turbo watt $100 a piece

1 Bluewave Pulse Start 400 watt ballast $50.00

1 Lumenmax Elite reflector $100.00

2 Lumenarc III Reflectors $100 each

1 Tunze 7095 Multi Controller $150.00

1 6100 Tunze Pump with Tunze magnets $200

1 Old Style (still kicks more than the new ones) 6100 Tunze pump and Magnets $100 The magnets alone are $60.00 retail

1 Tunze wave box (6100) with Tunze magnets $300.00 (both top and bottom magnets included, that's 120.00 worth of magnets)

1 Tunze Single Controller $50.00
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Do you know how old the iwaki 70 is ?? I asume it runs good
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