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Trade Clarity+ 135g and Cash for 8ft Acrylic.

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Hello Everyone.

Thanks for looking.

I'm wanting to trade my Clarity Plus 5ft 135 Gallon, Stand and Canopy (all flat Black) for an 8Ft Acrylic Tank.

The Tank was repairs years ago on the top because the previous owners installed had it setup improperly. But I have had for a few years now and it's been perfect. I built the stand myself and is in great condition. The Canopy came with the Tank when I purchased it and I have since painted it flat black and added trim to match my stand.

I have polished the tank since I purchased it and it turned out wonderful! The Tank has an offset center overflow, 1.5" drain, stand pipe and Bulkhead. As well as 2x 3/4" return lines. Seems are all in fine condition!

I would like an 8ft Acrylic tank with overflows on the ends as opposed to the middle and Possibly a black background. Stand is optional as I can put on together.

BUT, I fit does come with a stand I'm willing to put forth some extra cash to make and equal trade.

Please contact me through PM or through email or my Cell Phone.

[email protected] or (248) 943-8634 ASAP.

My Tank is currently filled and running.

Here is the Build Thread that I made for it...

135 Gallon Tropheus Tank Build - Page 3 - Trophs.com
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