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Tunze 6105 or Mp 40

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Well looks like I have averted being another casualty in the sps world for now. Im looking to upgrade my display tank and move my surge buckets to my new frag system and I was looking for some opinions on which power head to go with and why. I am leaning tword the Tunze 6105 because they are quiet and can be adjusted side to side not just flat on the glass. Also I will be cotrolling them with a neptune apex unit which ever I decide on. As you all know this is a big investment and your input is appreciated.


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Your logic is exactly why i preferred the 6105 to the mp40. Eadier to direct flow, quieter, cheaper, and works geat with the apex too.
I have both and each have their advantages. I'd be hard pressed to choose one over the other. The MPs simply move a TON of water and create a lot more lateral currents than you would think. The Tunze have the advantages that were mentioned but the flow created by them is different. Not better or worse but more linear. Sorry for not taking a side on this bit I just can't. Both are worth the price tag IMO.

Hey Russ I dont know if you noticed but I had two Tunze 6105's on the back wall. Ill tell you what I like about each Friday when I see you.
Tunze IMO
Less maint. I went through 3 heads (@$75ea for $5 in Delron plastic) in 9 months on the mp40. Tunze had to replace power supply after 2.5 yrs ($50)

The over all versatility of flow (position and speed)
I'm going to say Tunze, only because every Mp40 & Mp60 I've seen are loud. I have (3) Tunze and had (4) others I've sold through the years and all of them are/were really quiet. I couldn't believe how loud an MP60 was a few months ago. I really thought it had to be broken but the guy said it was almost brand new, that's just the way they are. I would try to meet up with someone and listen to an Mp40 to see if its to loud for you or make sure you know what the return policy is before you buy it.
Tunze, just because anyone that wants to charge that much for an MP40 doesn't deserve the sale. IMHO. It's just outrageous and there's no excuse for it. NO EXCUSE. It doesn't matter how "good" it might be. Now, I realize this argument could go on forever and their are likely die hard fans on both sides. I'm going to say, I'm fairly new to the hobby and it's really frustrating to see that old, "Expensive = good" thing happening in the market within the hobby. I just don't buy it. They built a brand on that marketing ploy. EcoTech may be innovative, but, seriously they are the Apple of the aquarium world. Just saying. When other pumps and lights sell for $200, they offer a product with just as many pros/cons, but set the price at $400 because they know people will equate the expense with a good product, which, in this hobby is very understandable. So frustrated to see this because as folks continue to give them business it will drive the entire price scale in the industry upward. You might have spent $400 + on a pump, or $800+ on a light, but is it really, honestly better than being able to buy 2 of a competitors product and get it all done for less, is it really the best thing ever?
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Another for Tunze. I havent had a vortech, but excellent customer service is worth getting a Tunze. I had an issue with a wavebox pump staying on. Roger at tunze replaced the pump- no cost. A student in my class was helping me move a battery and smashed the saftey connector-replaced for free. Had a power supply go bad after 2 years- shipped one the next day. Almost $200 worth of fixes.
I'm glad someone started this thread. I have thought of going Tunze for a while as I hear nothing but good things about that brand and their products. I know everyone says that the Vortechs are worth the money but the Tunzes are still 1/2 the price for the same amount of flow. I will shortly be upgrading my flow and hope to go with Tunze 6105 as well.
to be honest both are great for specific needs.
vortech. mass flow and a undertow can be noise if not aligned right mine are very quiet.
tunze mass flow can be directed but they take up a lot of room and have no undertow

my opinion
if on side of tank vortech then maybe a couple tunze on back wall but not necessary
Both are good. I like the vortechs for their tidiness, random flow, control over that flow, power, and no need to aim them in order to figure out dead spots as throughout their cycle(I don't have the Apex module yet, so I'm just saying of stock and in sync/anti sync modes), they cover side to side also.

I, haven't had the noise issues or part replacement problems with the three I have had(2x 10w's 1x 40w). Alot depends on alignment though.

Yes, expensive, but if you've had one work well, you see its worth and action.

Though, I have to admit that I do like the tunze wave boxes. The powerhheads though, yes, very good for the price.

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