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I am in the prosess of shutting down my tank and want to sell a few things!
I have 3 6100.10 tunze pumps in very good condition Just have some algae on them.all come with power cords,magnets and one is set up for higher power output then the other two, all are setup on a 7095 tunze multi controller which has the(working) moon light as well, this controller rocks, many options to how you want flow in your tank, Hate to sell these cause they are awesome pumps and run very quiet, package deal for this not seperating! 425$obo

Next is a tunze wave box with the 6091 wave controller, only down fall is the power supply got drenched in the move a while back an does not work, looked it up on tunze website and only costs 45$ for replacemnt power supply,and will run like a champ when replaced. Would like 150$obo for this!

Like I said I hate to sell all of these cause I Know I won't get no where what was payed for them, don't shoot me any low ball offers!! Text me at (616)312-7448

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First 425 takes everything listed!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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