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Mary explained it all here:
Mermaid said:
User is useless and should change hobby!! -5000
User is helpless and not to be considered -2000
User (WARNING) no not take any advice from this person -800
User is useless and does not have a bright future -500
User is infamous for a bad reputation -200
User is shameful and has a bad reputation -150
User is not very reliable and needs to improve -60
User can only hope to improve -30
User has a little shameless behavior in the past -10
User is an unknown quantity at this point 0
User is on normal grounds 10
User is on the helpful road 20
User is getting pretty active 50
User will become famous soon enough 150
User has a spectacular helpful aura 250
User is a jewel in site participant 350
User is just very-very generous 450
User is a glorious beacon of light 550
User is a name known to all 650
User is a splendid one to behold 800
User has much to be proud of 1000
User has a brilliant future 1500
User has a reputation beyond repute 2000
User is the king of respect on Michigan Reefers 4000

What is Reputation?

Michigan Reefers member reputation system provides a way of rating members based on the quality
of their posts. Members on our forums can add or subtract reputation points from other members by
clicking the reputation link in their Posts.

User reputations allow the members in our community to tell the system which members are quality
and which members are not. And in response to user feedback, Our system has the ability to label and
reward members for the quality of their Posts, as is indicated by their reputation. Being helpful and
active on the site will give you a better opportunity to get better reputation. In the future.

Michigan Reefers can also promote members with special privileges and rewards for their reputation points.

To give a reputation point to others you can do this within the thread above the join date and the post count
you will see a button that looks like a scale. Double click that and give your reputation point.

Please be fair and accurate when doing so.

The chart can be found on the Forums FAQ page as well.

cool didn't even know that the green dot became anything more LOL thaught it was just a dot I see now it grows into a bar if you actualy have some one give you good rep wich almost never happens since almost nobody has a high rep or a green bar by their name

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Hey - you are OFFICIALLY the first person with "two green dots" now (that I'm aware of...)!

That's a new one for me to see, too!

How exciting for you!

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Debbie that is an awesome stance to be in with two green dots, when I designed the reputation system is was meant to be a tough thing to get move to the next dot and as you can see with 10K posts you move to dot 2. Congrats, this system was designed for active and dedicated members like yourself.
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