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First off all, i am new to Salt water hobbie and have veryless knowledge .

I am writing up this thread to get best suggestions from the people who had well hands on experience. Basically everyone

I got a used Biocube 29G and trying to set it up. I have gone through lot of forums and videos but each one has different opinons. So i am trying to check, if someone can help me in the right direction. Also i am less on budget , so would like to go with cheap and best way. I know cheap and best are two exact opposite words but we always aim for that and end in a different way.

Right now i have heater(Tetra), Aqueon circulation pump 700, pump which came with biocube, uv sterilizer(no idea which model it is), thermometer.

I really dont to mess up by starting with something and let fishes die. So i am trying to be more patient to get more and more knowledge before i jump in.

Please advise me on how to setup my tank and maintenance that i need to takecare after setting up the tank.

Thanks alot in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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