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URI's and reflectors?

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Do any of you running URI VHO bulbs on your tanks also run reflectors in your canopies?

I called HelloLights today because one of my bulbs I ordered wasnt a URI and I wanted to exchange it. They said they would exchange it if I wanted, but recomended going with a reflector instead. He said even with URI bulbs a relector will put about 10-15% more light into the tank. Is this true? Or should I just exchange the bulb and call it a day?
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scleractinian said:
The lamps w/o reflectors are a bit cheaper... and URI now makes VHOs w/o internal reflectors so you wouldn't need to go w/ Coralife
The new ones w/o the reflectors are called the "Aqua D-Light" & are what URI is calling their economical series! I don't think there the same bulb as the URI Super Actinic just without the internal reflector?
I read an article on another board that mentioned that URI bought the U.S. rights to the original Phillips 03 bulbs
Ever since I read that article I have noticed that you can't get the Phillips 03 bulbs here in the U.S. anymore? The only place I have found them is in Canada? Maybe that's where the "Aqua D-Light" came from?
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Jimbob said:
So far everybody has pointed me to threads with tons of subjective data, but I'd appreciate a link that showed some rather conclusive onjective data if you have them. Thanks.
Just do a search on RC for T-5 lights by a member named "moonpod" he's some what of a T-5 guru!
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