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URI's and reflectors?

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Do any of you running URI VHO bulbs on your tanks also run reflectors in your canopies?

I called HelloLights today because one of my bulbs I ordered wasnt a URI and I wanted to exchange it. They said they would exchange it if I wanted, but recomended going with a reflector instead. He said even with URI bulbs a relector will put about 10-15% more light into the tank. Is this true? Or should I just exchange the bulb and call it a day?
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The vho uri bulbs already have 180 degree built in reflectors.
Its not worth the money.;)

Sorry, i guess i misunderstood you.
I agree:)

Since theres isnt much light to really be reflectored, i dont really think theres a need to out and buy nice reflectors, i think a nice big sheet of polished aluminum would do the trick.;)

Rob, do the t-5 bulbs have bulit in reflectors too?
Ive seen them, and they definitly are most intense than a vho. Im probably going to switch over to them once my vho's go bad, to save on electricity. Since you can run them on a ice cap ballast too.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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