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URI's and reflectors?

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Do any of you running URI VHO bulbs on your tanks also run reflectors in your canopies?

I called HelloLights today because one of my bulbs I ordered wasnt a URI and I wanted to exchange it. They said they would exchange it if I wanted, but recomended going with a reflector instead. He said even with URI bulbs a relector will put about 10-15% more light into the tank. Is this true? Or should I just exchange the bulb and call it a day?
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I understand this and stated that in my post. What I was asking is if HelloLights was giving good advice, or just trying to make another sale? They said that an external reflector is still a good idea even with URI bulbs.
No problem, I do babble sometimes.;) I figured they just wanted another $60 sale. Ill just have them exchange the Coralife for a URI 10k.

On a side note would you run:

1. Actinic 03, 50/50 and 10K
2. Actinic 03 and 2 50/50
3. Actinic 03 and 2- 10k
Great info guys! But I painted the inside of my canopy in a gloss white paint, so I dont think Id really gain any from a flat reflector. I agree a shaped reflector would be a good investment, if available. So Im just going to go fro the exchange.

For fish and softies / zoos would you do 1- actinic and 2- 10k, or 1-actininc and 2- 50/50?
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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