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I bought this setup and never used it. I was going to setup a new tank and never did. Anyway everything is brand new. I think I might wire it all up and light up the bulbs to make sure everything works fine.

2x Ushio 10k single ended MH bulbs
1x 175w IceCap ballast
1x 175w other ballast (Don't remember name, will change this when I get home)
2x Spider Reflectors with socket

Below are prices from MarineDepot.com
$110 (2x Spider reflectors)
$260 (2x IceCap Ballast)
$120 (2x Ushio 10k bulbs)

So that is a total of $490 plus shipping/tax what not. I'd feel that half price should be pretty fair seeing that it is all brand new equipment. So I'd like $250 for all of it.

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