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Vortecs, Other Assorted Reef Stuff

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Selling out the last of my equipment, old thread was getting intractable.

Vortec MP10w - Barely used. $175 - SOLD
Vortec MP40wQD (upgraded, with original controller as well) - $190
Vortex MP40wQD (upgraded, with original controller as well) - $190
Vortec Battery Backup - $100

100W Hydor heater for water changes - $10
Full set of salifert test kits (Mg/Ca/KH-Alk/Ph/NO3/Nitrate/NH4/Phos) - $50
90 GPD APEC Countertop 4-stage RO system - $100 (has new filters and membrane)
Reef Crystals Salt (Half Box, unopened) - $10
Kalkwasser - $4
Brand new bag of CaribSea Sand - $10
Remaining Fish Food (Dry) - Reef Roids, Sustainable Aquatics, Omega One, Spectrum - new or near full containers - The Lot $10
Battery Operated Timed Feeder - $5
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1 has done about a year and a half of work, the other has sat unused. They are upgraded to the MP40QD from the MP40W.
Bump: Update - MP10 Sold - MP40s and Battery Still available, as are other small stuff.
Bump - Will entertain reasonable offers for multiple items.
Still available. Weekend special is $440 for two MP40s and the Battery Backup.

I will be driving to Lansing tomorrow (Saturday), so if you are interested in something and down that way let me know and I'll bring it with me.
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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