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It funny lately it has been getting more hectic with all the new members. But have you guys noticed how similar we are to vultures in the selling forum, LMAO! I admit im one myself, I just find it so hilarious how there is so many reply's in that same hour. I really noticed it today with the docholiday post. 16 replies youve got a pm (including me though lol) and the day hasnt even ended.[-smile_green] Im posting this in matter manner though, just some conversation.
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Well Im newbie and I think that the trading/selling forum is great! People who buy stuff then get out of the hobby should sell off to people like us, whats the alternative, take it to a fish store so they give you 5 dollars a coral? Plus majority of the stuff at a fish store is not captive rasied and I really feel that this is important, I dont know about you but if you've ever been to a reef that was harvested it would break you heart. I have and trust me its really sad to see how much simply dies and never makes it anywhere, pieces of sps laying all over the ocean floor. I guess this is like reef thrapy, Hi my name is Todd and Im a Reefer Junkie. Im your usual Vulture found hanging in the trading forums looking for good deals. Well thats my 2 cents.

Its funy how many people sell but dont ever trade? Those corals like xenia that grow fast, why not sell it off when you cut it back might as well since you raised it, and let the vultures feed, LOL.

I for one search for things to fill my aquarium, right now its pretty bare and I just cant justify the costs involved at LFS, there just too high.
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