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Want it gone

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Few items left over from my tear down 2 years ago. Finally have a need for the room that equipment was in and need this stuff gone!

Azoo CO2 Regulator with 20lb tank nearly full $20 SOLD

65 gallon RO/DI storage tank with float valve $60 SOLD

125 gallon sump drilled with 3 inch hole for 2.5 inch bulkhead $30 SOLD
Needs cleaning 72 long x 18 deep x 24 tall

Dual chamber DI with cartridges and 1 gallon of unopened BRS DI resin and .5 of a bag $30 SOLD

2X50 gallon barrel drilled as a mixing barrel $10
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Do u have more pics of the tank showing baffel placement and bulkhead

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