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Looking for a few things to stock a 29g Biocube
Must be close because i hate driving :)
i'm on Hall road/Hays in Macomb TWP

Gorgonians (Photosynthetic Type) (Small-Mid size)
Green Toadstool Leather (Small size)
Elegance coral (Small to Mid size)
Blastomussa coral (1-3 Heads)
RBTA (Small)
Frogspawn (1-3 Heads)
Branching Hammer (1-3 Heads)
Green Kenya Tree (Small)
Also looking for some cheap 5$ frags

thx for looking
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I have a small bta. I’m in the Garden City/Livonia area. Can bring to the Lansing swap though.

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I've got a Tyree toadstool that is almost done splitting. Let me know if you're interested.
sry to have wasted anyone's time reading the post but i have decided to go Lansing swap so hopefully i can get what i need there
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