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About 3 months ago I added a small yellow watchman goby (~1") to my display tank to match up with my pistol shrimp who had lost his 2.5" goby partner. Within a day the young goby was gone. Today I found him...in the refuge. This is a bottom drilled overflow display tank, and after going down the drain he must have made his way though the initial sponge filter, though the baffle with the phosban, though the sump / skimmer chamber and into the refuge chamber. He is a little faint in color, but my attempt to capture him tonight tells me he still has lots of energy. The refuge has 3watt LED lights on 24/7. There is cheato in the refuge, along with many featherdusters, squirts, and I noticed a mucus on the walls today that is just crawling with pods (maybe a nest?).

I'm afraid he is too small to make it in the display tank with my CB shrimp and other meat eaters. Should I feed the fuge or just let him keep feeding on whatever he can find? What about adding a small pistol shrimp to the fuge? I should mention, the fuge is only 2 gallons.
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