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Watchman goby lifespan

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Wow. No posts in 30 days. Hopefully someone looks at this forum...

Anyway, just wondering what the consensus or even non-consensus is on the lifespan of Watchman Gobies?

I have had mine... not that long... 3 or so years? Maybe longer. I honestly have no idea at this point, but at least 3 years but not like a decade or anything really long term.

He is clearly dying tonight. Or since it is 3am he is likely to die tomorrow while I"m at work. He is fighting to stay upright and while his sides are as fat as ever, I see now that his underbelly is concave. :( I bought flakes the last time because the clowns weren't getting much of the pellets before they hit the ground but I wonder now if it was to his detriment, not getting as much food landing before it just floated into the filter. I really hope I didn't slow-starve him. :( I did a panic-water change becasue the salinity was low, but the clowns and corals didn't seem to mind so I doubt he really did either. I tried to hand half-force feed him, which was stupid, because he's mid-dying, but you know... panic and all. The clowns are now actively searching for the salmon they are smelling in the rocks around his hole.

So is it starvation or is it lifespan? I read a couple posts on Reef Central saying they had them living to a decade or more so I'm betting I horrifically mistreated him in feeding flakes for one bottles' duration, and he has wasted away. Oh, but one extra thing - the tank is filled, like crazy, even in "broad daylight" filled, with 'bugs' that he could have eaten but I don't know if gobies eat pods. It seems like yes, but I just don't know.
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I can't get a real clear pic of him at the moment. I put him in the basket that I use to separate the clowns when the female decides she's had enough of the male and starts badgering him. It's nice cuz it can hang on the side of the tank by it's handle and has holes on all sides, top to bottom, for really good water flow, but keeps the fish you want separated. But the top of the water is always agitating and since the basket is opaque I can't take a pic from the side either.

Honestly though I don't think he has a disease at all. I'm pretty confident it's starvation. Nothing in the tank is sick and he shows no signs of illness on his skin or fins; he doesn't even have cloudy eyes. He just has that concave undercarriage.

I did get those pellets out of desperation to try to help him even though I know it's futile. I soaked a bunch and put them in the basket with him. The current from the vortec unfortuatnely ***** them out of the basket and into the water column, but I tried to keep a few in on the incredibly off change he would eat.

Strangely he is STILL alive. Although starvation isn't quick. :( Also strangely he isn't doing the death rolls today. Not that he look s"good" at all; he's still sideways, and still isn't swimming anywhere (other than quick bursts where he clearly can't maintain completely upright position). I just soaked some more pellets. It would be amazing if he is actually able to take some of that nutrient in and he's able to bounce back from this. I mean he looks 'long gone' and I certainly feel he's suffering so I don't want to purposely prolong it, but if he could snap back I will do anything I can to help him with that.
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