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I'm not going to go into all the detail of how he does it, but will say all the fish I've gotten from Watercolors Aquarium Gallery are still alive and healthy, and were from the day I got them. I know how frustrating it is seeing that one fish you want, then right next to him is a fish full of ick, or just looks ill. Actually makes me feel sorry for the fish that looks good because I know it's only a matter of time that he's going to get it.
So I decided to post what I've gotten so far over the last few months from him to show you what he does works. None of them have been quarantined by me, even though I have a quarantine set up...It's all taken care of at the store. Quick side note. I didn't drip acclimate any of the fish. Just floated the bag and added some of my water, then released them. Helped my water salinity is the same as theirs....024. This is also another plus.
Here they are. Not a huge list, but worth telling you guys about it.

Clowns - instantly acted at home.

Large Naso - within 5 seconds...literally 5 seconds, he was eating off the rocks as if he'd been in there his whole life. I let him out of the bag and as he slid out and in the water went straight at the rocks and started eating off them. Couldn't believe my eyes. It was awesome to see that.

Coral beauty - hid for about an hour, then out picking off the rocks

Chromis-all eating instantly

Blue tang - hid for about 10 minutes, then came out, swam along side the big tang and ate pellets as soon as he came out too.

15 naussarius, 40 astreas, 5 turbos, 3 cleaner shrimp, 5 peppermint shrimp, 2 brittle stars, 2 chocolate chip stars (in sump for fun), and all are alive except one turbo snail and have only seen 2 empty astrea snail shells.
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