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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help or point us in the right direction.
We have had our tank up and running for 5 years now. It's a small 45 gallon hex tank. We get our water checked every week and have water changes and cleaned professionally every month. 3 months ago we had bad news that our 6 year old puppy was going into kidney failure. We did everything possible but lost her 6 weeks ago.
Yesterday I came home from work and I had 4 dead fish. BJ my jeweled puffer Sonic my coral beauty Pjs striped cardinal and Shrek my green wrasse. Nemo was fine and so is mini Gobi. I called cleaners who came out immediately and was told the heater had caused an electrical current. All water is great and I've been told to wait a couple weeks before restocking.
My question is if you are cleaning your tanks out and need a good home for 3 or 4 fish that already get along please message me. I know I can go to the fish store but I just do not think I can handle anymore upset at the moment if the new ones do not get along so I figured I would try on here. I have a few corals in tank and so far they seem to be doing good.
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