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weekend pickups

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Also not sure if i can mention it, please delete if rule violation.

VI pets on plainfield is taking down the show tank; All large that were never for sale are now. Thats where I got the oxapora from. Almost but some others but i had them in smaller forms.
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wow they look great in your tank. i did not know you were speedstar.lol. i just started working at vi pets. i will not plug the store but the new reef tank cory is setting up will be sweet in theory. i was working tonight when you came in and got them. i got the torch and yuma's while he was putting prices on them the other night. well i hope you enjoy and if you stop in again i'm the big fat bald guy(by choice).
i also should also say i got in trouble on my second day for pointing people to this website. i was lmfao
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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