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Went Crazy this weekend ... a few new critters

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(one more try?) Well, I drove way down South to the Ohio Frag Swap and picked up a few new pieces (the files are at the bottom of the post I guess)

Bought these from LFS
Clarkii, about 1 inch long, hope to have it pair up with my other clarkii
A mandarin (waited 11 months)
2 Cleaner Shrimp

Went a little crazy. Oh, and I still can't take a good picture (

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Wierd ... working for me and some people from RC ... not everyone though.

Maybe try to cut and paste them?
Links don't work for me either. Neither does cutting and pasting.

links not working for me either..

Tried another approach, are they working for you now?
That worked! Your stuff looks nice. Was the swap as big as the one we had?
It was way bigger. I would say 2 to 2 1/2 times as big as our swap. Plus they had vendors at theirs.
Yea I was there and got 20 frags I would guess.. It was great I got quite a few things from Fishy Buisness that I wanted.I also got the purple cap it is great

I could not believe how many people were there and most prices were great

well worth the drive. I also got a really nice purple Humilis from soem guy LOL
Sweet purple cap. Does it grow at that 45 degree angle or is it just the picture?
It looks to have been growing at the 45 degree angle, so I set it (temporarily) at that angle on that ledge. It will be 'fun' to watch how better Ken's cap will do than mine (. He'll probably have 3 times the growth lol. I've got mine a little ways from my blood red cap and am hoping they make a nice contrast. (now if I can get Ed to save me a piece of his purple polyped cap I'll have a little cap garden ) ).
How large is the brain? Sizing it from the frag it looks about the size of a quarter which I have never seen one that small before. Just curious.
It was about 2 inches in diameter when I bought it (it wasn't filled much). It's about 3 1/2+ inches when it's all happy. So it's much bigger than a quarter ). The LFS that used to be Aqua Nest has a couple that aren't any bigger than a half dollar. Got the one in the pic for $30.
$30 for 2"!!!!???? I hate to say it but you got (fill in your own word). LFSs suck!! I purchased, from a fellow member, a 5" for $25. Sorry for your loss.
Lol, if you got a 5 inch brain for $25 then you did good. I'm very happy with this purchase, you can't find a medium brain in this area for less than $45. Heck, 2 inch sps frags go for $30 from hobbiests. My 2 inch red brain swells to 5 or 6 inches and there's no way I could find it for under $40. How big does your 5 inch brain swell to? 9-10 inches?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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