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Hey everyone, post what you are brining and what you want here, maybe we can generate some more interest!

Small Zoo Frags
Lont Tentacled Pulsing Xenia

Purple SPS
Monti Cap
Blue Xenia
Anything Reef Farmers :D

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Thanks for starting a new thread- works better this way!
I dont know yet if I will be bringing anything but if I do I will post it later. Hopefully I can get some frags for cash.
I am looking for:

Kenya Tree
Small Open Brain
and other common and/or hardy corals


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My list

Here's what i'm bringing

LIVE catfish around 1 - 1.5 pounds i'll cookem up for anyone who wants them 4.00 per 2 boneless filets 1.00 will get donated to the site here.

a 200 gallon round poly tank WITH a 12" round centered sump (needs stainless bolts to secure the sump) and the plastic to patch it if not interested in using the sump.

all of the original equipment minus the pump to set the tank up into a 200 gallon recirculating system capable of supporting up to 350 lbs of fish.
2 55 gallon biofilters
1 cubic foot of bio-balls
1 cubic foot of bio-strata
1 1/4" Flow divider Pipe
1 - 1 1/4" union valve (from pump)
2 - 1 1/4" ball valves
2 - spray crosses
2 - Filter pad stands
Lots of filter pad strips are great fo even more biological area....
1 pipe section that links tank to solids filter
1 3" true union
1 3" full flow check valve
roughly 4' of 3" piping
1 18g cone solids settling chamber with a sludge valve
Valve assebly
3" union valve from tank
1 1/4" Sludge union valve

Well it's a very basic description and it needs a 10-15GPM pump and floating media for the solids filter. If there is no intrest in the entire system (would be AWESOME for a LR curing tank could cure 1,000 pounds in it probobly) I will be parting it out


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I was planning on bringing:
Mushrooms purple, green/orange, green/brown, pink stripe
xenia umbrella type,
purple monster
pipe organ
zoos -Grey/blue (colonies and frags)
long tentacle bright green star GSP
short tentacle blue/green star
brown/ green polys
pink gorgonian
frogspawn - purple

Looking for LR
frogspawn- green
colorful sps

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Turtle, are you taking reservations?!?!

I am hoping to have a handfull of blue shrooms, maybe a few loose reds, and hopefully 1/2 dozen or so baby yumas. I need some time to get them off the rock they are on...hopefully this weekend will proove to be fruitful.....

I'll be in touch....

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(have to remeber to look for those baby yuma's :D )

Plan on bringing:

~Pulsing Xeina (couple stalks)
~Red soft tree (looks like Kenya tree but red)
~possibly some Long tentical GSP (sounds like there is going to be alot there already though)
~possibly Green hammer (branching)

GreenB... you still want to trade ric for ric?
I have a neon orange with your name on it still..

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Turtle if you are taking reservations put me down for the purple monster. I will be bringing the following for trade or sale.

Green sinularia
Purple monti digi
1 green mushroom`
Bright green purple rim monti cap
Tri color acro
Toadstool leather

I think that is all but I will see what I can dig up. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Peace, Larry

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We will be bringing the following:
green acro
A. loripes
candy canes
green cap
blue tort
blue milli
a. valida
a.pink& purple tip desalwii
a. tri-color
a. gomezi
a. digitifera
a. tenus
green milli
a. divaricata( purplew/ yellow tip)
a. green w/ blue tip
a. horrida
Jeremy& Sharon

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I will bringing

A couple of blue ridge frags
a hang on skimmer
fluvol 304

Would people be interested in taking a cup of sand to the swap and mixing them all to togethere and than take a cup home! Or are people against this?

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Breeze babe, pm me with info on the blue tort, I am REALLY wanting one!

And Tide, are you honoring reservations for the catfish??

(And you'll actually be there this time, right?!?!):p

I'll take 4 fillets...and please don't spit on 'em, I'm only joking!!:D

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grey - blue zoos

Someone asked for a pic of these. These are the grey blue zoos. Colonies are sold. But I have several frags $5 - $10. Send me a pm if interested. Sorry for the bad pic this was taken under very yellow 400 watt 4300K bulb.

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Purple frogspawn

The colony is around 5 -6 inches tall, the heads are around 1" dia. I'm not sure how they will break other than where they have split, so the length will be from 1 - 5 inches tall and 1 inch diameter. This closeup pic was taken under daylight and actinic bulbs. Polyps are not fully extended in this photo.

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i will have 1 rock that is between softball and baseball size it has 2 colt coral frags i kenya tree and a toadstool leather on it. i have some really bad pics. anyway wanna trade for anything but xenia or GSPs or anthelia. IF i knew how to frag the anthelia its awesome looking and all but it has covered a 10" rock and some stalks are 5-6 inches long want some ? just tell me how
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