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What happened to Aqua Nest???

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I had some business in Auburn Hills yesterday so I decide to stop by Aqua Nest since they had a pretty awesome set up. I discovered that new owners had bought the place and it was almost empty. What happened? Was there a huge sale since everything was gone? Anyone know the low down?
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Both of the guys that are opening the new store used to work at Aquatic Discoveries. One of the guys worked in their SW section, the other in the FW section.
Yeah, when the letter went out to all of the fish club members, the owner (name witheld) stated that he had purchased a Pet Supplies Plus Franchise in Redford and that after having run that for a few months, it was obvious to him that Aqua Nest was no longer a profitable venture and thus he was closing the doors. I do believe that were a couple of other reasons that he cited that I won't go into here, but profit and location to his house were his two main resons. It was very sudden.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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