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Where are the Ann Arbor reefers?!

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Hello fellow Ann Arbor area reefers!

Im a relatively new member of the reefing community and with just over a year of personal reefkeeping experience, I'm still learning all the best places to get information and meet likeminded people that want to share their knowledge and experience about keeping and maintaining a reef tank.

Ive been fortunate enough to be able to attend a few SE Michigan frag swaps and meet a few of you. And aside from exchanging a few messages here and there with fellow reefers on my favorite youtube channels, id really like to meet some people in the Ann Arbor area that are passionate about their reeftanks and want to talk about them and show them off with other folks that enjoy learning and seeing different set-ups and different ways to achieve the same goal.. A successful reef tank!

I see there is already an AARC but Im having trouble finding out much information about it. Is there anybody on here that can set me up with some more of that info? Anyways, It'd be really awesome to have some sort of meet up club or something other than a rare frag swap where its mostly entirely about buying and selling. Obviously the advantage to these sort of clubs is trading and selling but it'd be fun to talk about our set ups and the trials and tribulations of our own tanks. I know id love to have other reefers give me advice or tips on ways to improve my own home reef system.

Anyways, i apologize for the long winded post here but it'd be nice to gauge how many people on here are local that would be interested in something like this. Maybe we can at least get a discussion going about how to get the AARC active again!

Happy Holidays and Happy Reefing Everyone!

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