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Where to buy macro algae?

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I'll being installing my refugium in my tank early next week and I was wondering where is the best local place to buy macro algae? Is anyone planning to bring any to the frag fest?

Which types of macro would you recommend?
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Good luck,,, none of the lfs around me have had any for a few weeks now. I'm hoping some one will bring some to the Frag meet!! (hint, hint)
I'm willing to pay for it there. Or if someone is close to the Royal Oak area has some they would be willing to let go for cheap before the frag meet that would be great!!!

Actually I live Madison Heights. Right next to Royal Oak. I live at 12mile and JohnR.

I would love to get some from you. I can't do anything tonight but any other day of the week I could meet you some where to make it easier.

I work in Auburn Hills so I don't usually get home until 6ish. Let me know what would work out best for you.
Hey Valleye, I will give you a call tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure where you work, but if you can think of a place north of 16mile close to I75 I can be in that area by 530.

Thanks Again
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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