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Where to Find Remora Aqua C Pro protein skimmer

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I am having dificulty finding a LFS that carries the Remora Aqau c pro protein skimmer. Can anybody point me to a store that carries these in Mich. I know premium aqautics and marinedepot carry them but looking to save on shipping plus making sure it will fit on my sump below my tank.

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Preuss Pets has a complete selection of AquaC products complete and ready to go. Also, Pet Connection had a Remora Pro on the shelf for a long time... you might wanna check with them too.
I bought mine from Preuss a little over a year ago and only paid about $7 more than what Marine Depot was selling them for at the time. Very much worth $7 to support a local store vs. the big place in California.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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