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White mold on corals?

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Well, I just lost an awesome acan colony to some kinda white mold like growth. Now, it is starting to eat away at a sunset monti i picked up. It also has been all over my flames of hell frag too but it cannot overtake it. I thought for a long time my sailfin was to blame for picking at the colony, but since I increased his feelings he has been good. Anyone ever have a white sponge looking mold overtake and kill their corals? It doesn't mess with the sps or the brains or scolys or chalices. Its nowhere on the soft corals at all. It actaully grows ove r the coral polyps and almost slowly eats them. I have always qt fish, but never corals. Should I try a dip like coral rx?
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Just to add all parameters are good.

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrates 5 or less
Calcium 420
Alk 10
Mag 1200
Salinity 1.024
Ph 8.0 - 8.3

I dose reef fusion 2 part and mag from seachem occasionally. Seachem kalk in ato.
can you whipe it off to find healthy flesh underneith or is it dead? is this growing anywhere other than on the corals?
It only grows on the corals and only certain corals - the acans and sunset monti's so far. It has also grown on the flames of hell Leptastrea, but it does not seem to be killing or even remotely affecting the Leptastrea. It is nowhere to be found on the rock or substrate or glass or fish, etc. It has not touched any other coral.

It is a milky white film that is very white. If brushed away, the coral tissue or what's left of it is gone! Last night, after lights out, I took out the acan skeleton and smelled the white film and it STINKS!!! It is almost like it consumed the coral polyps or that the coral tissue completely receded. I did look up brown jelly disease, but I do not think it is that. Whatever it is, it is very FAST!

At this point, I do believe it is a bacterial issue and not a parasitic one (ie worms or red bugs, etc). However, it could also be a parasitic sponge? I am going to stop at LFS and see if I can get some product w/ Lugol's Solution. And will try the iodine dip and bath. Coral RX seems to be only good for parasitic bugs, not bacteria. Lugol's seems pretty well recommended across the board no matter who the manuf.
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