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Who wants to help me set up my new CPR Bak Pak?

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I bought a CPR Bak Pak from a guy on reef central and now having some trouble setting it up. It came with a RIO 600. I got the pump hooked up but the skimmer is spitting tons of bubbles all over the tank. The pump has 2 air stems on 1 side and 1 on top. I have an air hode with a diffuser hooked up to the bottom air stem on the side and that is what seems to make the bubbles. I need some help. Anybody? If you got time give me a reply or call me on my cell at (586) 531 - 1896.

Thanks Guys!
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I'll give you a call...I have the same unit.
Bak Pak

OK. Almost all of the bubbles are gone now. I am still seeing bubbles coming out of the outlet though. In the left most chamber where the outlet comes out I have nothing in there. Should I fill it with bioballs or something else? Where can I get some stuff?
you may want to consider replacing the rio with a maxijet. the next time you place an order w/ premium aquatics (if you do) i'd order a maxi 1200 and the venturi kit for it. that way you can replace the rio when it blows up

CPR sells their Bio-Bale. Find it here. http://amekaaquatics.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=BB&Category_Code=BIO-BALE

If your using the Bak Pak as a skimmer only I'm not sure you'll need the bio filtration (could it hurt?) but, I noticed when I first installed mine (5 years ago) that I had to meter the flow using the bio bale in order to control the bubbles.

I have a 55 with a plenum and the bak pak. It's bulletproof. It's been up for almost 6 years, 5 with the bak pak. The tank cranks. I have heard some rumblings that the bak pak builds the wrong kind of bacteria, but I've never had a problem. CPR does recommend rinsing the Bio Bale in salt water like every three months though. (I've done it once in the 5 years)

I'm pretty sure amekaaquatics.com is owned by cpr, as they have available every part you'll ever need. I've ordered a replacement o-ring from them. As well as the collection cup lid that I lost during my last move! (Just a note, from my experience that lid is imperitive to proper operation)

As far as replacement pumps, I recently put a new rio 600 on without a problem. You just need to keep that peice with all of the hose outlet/inlets. Which clicks into place on the new pump.

As far as bubbles, this has always been a topic of discussion with the Bak Pak. Hell, they even offer a "bubble trap" which you can buy. A few other things to remember, CPR recommend's a relatively high salinity with the Bak Pak 1.023 to 1.027. I've run my tank at 1.024 forever and I get like 1 or 2 gravel size bubbles every 5 to 10 seconds. (I can live with these as they go right to the surface). Also, surface tension has a huge imput on micro bubbles on these things. Anytime you add something, i.e. stress coat, supplement, that changes the surface tension temoprarily, you will get micro bubbles. Even if you top off and the water touches the top of the tank, you may get micro bubbles. These are all temporary and are usually gone in the morning.

If I remember it took a little adjustment to get the thing running right, but I stand by em.
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