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After driving around all day to different saltwater vendor in the metro area finding nothing but disappointment my brother stopped at a hardware store in St. Clair to have me take a look at the Hardware/Saltwater reef store. I was a bit scepitical, but after checking out the live stock and prices let alone the ambitious owner of the aquarium set up I was impressed. The selection of corals was impressive the prices were not out of this world. It is not the most professional looking set up being a hardware store and reef store combined, but the quality of live stock and pricing was great. It was the first time in years I had to ask what kind of coral is that, having not ever seen one before. I bought 3 very nice moti frags spending about 50 bucks total. They definitly have earned a new customer.
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what color/kind of monti ? i just dropped off a little bit of stuff , maybe it was from my tank ? just curious.
for sure Andy is a good guy with pretty straight prices.
Monti frags

one red plate one purple plate frag about 1.5"+ very nice frags, and a good size purple digitata.
the red plate and purple digi came from me. the purple digi is awsome. hope you like it ! if you dont mind me asking what did you pay for them?
I am thinking about getting back into the hobby... Looks like I am going to have to stop in and take a look!

BTW, I am kinda (not yet commited) in the market for a small tank...
i bought a pair of clowns from him last month and was very impressed high quality stuff nice guy to deal with
I live right around the corner from this place, I am just getting started in the hobby and Andy is a great help.
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